Our PR Guide is free to download and we hope that it helps your business! 

1. What is Public Relations? 

  • Promoting your organisation by using free editorial space in the media
  • Using print media, broadcast, and social media to spread key messages about your company
  • It is NOT advertising – editorial is more credible and powerful
  • Positive PR is good for your company

2. Why do it?

  • Promote your organisation in a positive way
  • Increase awareness and assist understanding of your organisation
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Inform customers/non-customers of activities
  • Think about your business objectives and reaching your goals

3. Limitations

  • PR coverage is free space, so you have less control
  • No guarantee your story will run
    • when you want it
    • the way you want it
    • in the media that you want it to appear in
  • Stories must be tailored to the specific title
  • Think carefully about what they might be interested in

4. Knowing your sector’s media

Get to know who is writing about your sector across:

  • National and regional daily newspapers and online outlets – e.g. The Times, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Herald, Evening Times, Scotsman, Edinburgh Evening News,  Scottish Business Insider
  • Trade Media  – research the titles and contacts  that are writing  specifically  about your business
  • Broadcast Radio & TV news and features – find out which correspondent is specific to your

5. Who are your target audiences? 

Think about who you want to tell your story to:

  • Customers
  • Colleagues
  • Suppliers
  • Decision Makers
  • Public organisations
  • Businesses
  • Community

6. What do they want? 

  1. National TV, radio, online – news stories that will impact on people’s lives, a first for the sector, job creation and investment, quirky product and people stories and charity initiatives.
  2. Trade publications want fresh facts that are related to your sector – is your company a trailblazer in the sector?
  3. Regional media/online –it’s all about the local angle e.g. Business creates the first…
  4. There’s lots of space to fill BUT the media receive up to ten times more stories than they can use. News is very competitive.
  5. Spoiler alert – let the media run your story before adding to your company’s social media channels.

7. What is news? 

  1. Immediacy – it’s happening now…
  2. The angle  – The first – The biggest
    1. Involves a celebrity or key industry figure
    2. Has human interest
    3. Is quirky / unusual

8. How can we help you?  

If you want to have a chat about making the most of PR for your business, please get in touch hello@skylarkpublicrelations.com

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